The Food Experience At SHO: 2017 Course Offering

We are excited to announce a series of innovative intensives to be offered at SHO Farm in Huntington, Vermont, focussing on long-term strategies for Land, Food, and Health investment.  

To kick off the series, please join our own permaculturist and chef Melissa Hoffman in the Permaculture Food Lab for an experience of gastronomy and context, from the perspective of creating a permanent agriculture that builds wildlife habitat and community food security, advances the health of water, soil and humans, and develops compelling and delicious products from perennial crops. This course offers a unique opportunity to sample creative cuisine based on Vermont’s and SHO Farm's perennial foods. From brews to broths and ferments to fire, participants will dive into a global wealth of food traditions applied to our regional wild and cultivated plants. All foods from the tasting menu are vegan and gluten free.  

Course dates are 2017: June 24; July 8; August 12; & September 2.  For more details, click on the course flyer below.

SHO Farm Food Experience


Future offerings will include land-related intensives for private and institutional landowners, conservationists, land trusts, TIMO's, land-centric private equity funds, wealth advisors, foresters, attorneys, appraisers, and planners wishing to offer more to their clients in the long-term resiliency opportunities for stewardship, to be led by Earth Asset’s Founder Shawn Smith.

Please email Melissa at melissa@livingfuture.org or Shawn at shawn@earthasset.com to join our email list or to enquire about opportunities for participation.