Mario Batali Loves Cathead Point’s Food Environment

Just around the corner from Cathead Point, neighbor Mario Batali is loving life at his summer residence in Northport, Michigan. Like many who journey to the Leelanau Peninsula from afar, there are a few key places he and his family ritually visit upon arrival (watch the video and check out this bon appetit story to find out where they are!).

Over the last decade, the Leelanau Peninsula has exploded in excellence, marrying food, wine, and timeless Lake Michigan landscapes. According to Batali, a critically acclaimed chef, restaurateur, and author, the area offers a “gastronomic thriving culture”.

Batali doesn’t just visit the area, however. He’s invested in it. “Michigan is my second home – my sanctuary away from my hectic life in New York City. My family and I are in love with the land, the lakes and the farms of Leelanau and I’m honored to help raise money to help it stay protected and beautiful so that future generations can enjoy it as much as we do now.”–Mario Batali

To that end, Batali is a big supporter of the Leelanau Conservancy, the non-profit organization that holds the conservation easement on Cathead Point. His involvement undoubtedly helps to advance the region’s farming community, its conservation efforts, and – no surprise – its growing wealth of food destinations.

This weaving together of natural beauty, a strong conservation community, a healthy farming economy, and an artisan food culture, creates a magical synergy that inspires devotion in both visitors and residents alike.

Interestingly, these also describe key pillars in what will define significant value and investment security in the real estate climate of the future.