The Landscape of Vermont Laws: Property Rights & Hunting Rights

A look at Vermont's legal framework governing property rights and hunting rights.

Earth Asset Land Lab At SHO Farm

This is an insider's guide to the world of real estate, customized to address your questions and goals. Peer through the lens of an expert to ensure your land investment decisions are well-informed.

The Food Experience At SHO: 2017 Course Offering

Join Permaculturist & Chef Melissa Hoffman at SHO Farm’s Permaculture Food Lab for an Intensive, Plant-Centered Food Course

New Documentary Screens at SHO Farm: PlantPure Nation

We are proud to present a new documentary film, PlantPure Nation, from the producer and writer of the award-winning film Forks Over Knives. We are honored to share our do no harm, plant-based permaculture farm, SHO Farm, with the PlantPure Nation team to bring the first summer 2015 Vermont screening of this important film. Screening dates are Sept. 26 & 27.

Vermont Seaberry Company at SHO Farm: Harvesting Insights with Mia Jung "The Seaberry Whisperer"

We at Vermont Seaberry Company, located at SHO Farm in Huntington, are thrilled to announce that our 2015 harvest season is underway.

Dr. Richard Oppenlander: Your Role in Global Depletion

Dr. Richard Oppenlander is the author of Comfortably Unaware. In this presentation he takes on difficult but critical issues facing mankind and our planet, including the role of livestock in our food system and climate change challenges.

How A Nutrient Economy Can Save Our Farmers, Our Health And Our Environment

Nutrient dense foods are the foundation of human well being, and as such will define the crops of our much needed new agricultural paradigm. This article, appearing on Forbes.com on February 27, 2013, addresses several of the important issues at stake, including access to land for famers.

Green Energy, Land Stewardship & Winemaking

The Winter 2012 Issue of Land Report: Pairing Agriculture, Energy, and Stewardship. Interesting cover article by Eric O’Keefe about a wine grower’s exemplary integration of a 454-kilowatt solar array and energy-saving measures.

Mario Batali Loves Cathead Point’s Food Environment

Just around the corner from Cathead Point, neighbor Mario Batali is loving life at his summer residence in Northport, Michigan. Like many who journey to the Leelanau Peninsula from afar, there are a few key places he and his family ritually visit upon arrival (watch the video and check out this bon appetit story to find out where they are!).