The Future Forward, a New York-based web design studio, is the engineering genius behind how the new Earth Asset website works. Introduced to Earth Asset by Interrobang, The Future Forward humbly and warmly assumed the singular role of site developer on this project, despite their love for and clear skill in design. Right away we knew these were the kind of folks we wanted to work with.

A respectful, collaborative dynamic was born from day one when we met with The Future Forward founder and owner, Nick Hoag, and Interrobang's lead Earth Asset website designer, Lisa Sylvester, at a kickoff meeting. The energy, excitement, and mutual respect experienced at the first meeting carried through the twelve month design and development process that each of us was intimately involved in; and will no doubt carry through all future work we do together.

With beautiful and functionally awesome sites under their belt, The Future Forward undauntingly accepted the challenge of giving life to Interrobang's design. But even before being handed the design file to breath life into, Nick 's input and guidance throughout the design process was invaluable, helping to avoid costly and timely mistakes pursuing design ideas (put forth by us) that were not realizable.

With a "can do" attitude to match Lisa's, Nick worked tirelessly to fulfill our dreams, realize what could be, and attain idealistic goals. We pushed, and he responded. We asked for more, and he took us there. We changed direction, and he swayed with us. All the while, Nick was a grounding force, and a pragmatic voice. He gave us options, never 'yes' and 'no'.

We met Nick when he and his firm were headquartered in Burlington, Vermont. While we were selfishly sad to see him go, we knew the glue needed for a long, wonderful, productive relationship was in place and distance would not undue our collaborative bond.

Nick is a successful entrepreneur, husband, (relatively new) father, and wonderful human being. Honest, responsible, trustworthy, and talented, he and his team bring great things to their clients and projects.