Interrobang Design Collaborative, Inc., a Vermont-based design studio, turned our vision for a new Earth Asset website into reality. Invited to create something unique, edgy, and beautiful, but classy and user-friendly, while given absolute design freedom, Interrobang enthusiastically embraced the challenge. 

Academically trained at Cranbrook Academy of Arts, seasoned by over three decades of professional experience, and fueled by a genuine love of artistic creativity, Interrobang co-founders and co-owners, Mark and Lisa Sylvester, are two of the most exceptional professionals and trustworthy people we've ever had the privilege to work and collaborate with. 

Equally as refreshing are a collection of qualities Lisa and Mark bring to their clients that are rare, endangered, and priceless: "can-do" attitudes; conscious responsibility; great listening skills; and adaptability/go-with-the-flow flexibility. Their skill extends to the network of professionals they collaborate with, particularly Earth Asset website developer Nick Hoag, founder of The Future Forward.

When Lisa and Mark meet with a client, they give their undivided attention.  Devices are turned off, and the phone goes to voicemail.  They possess the very important, but lost, skill of listening.  In fact, they have perfected it and express it through their project proposals and work-products, converting long meeting conversations to tangible and meaningful project parameters, articulating project intentions so beautifully. It's an unmatched ability, and reflects a level of professionalism that is rare today, expressing a true sense of respect for the client and project.  

Invested in their clients, their work, and their family, Lisa and Mark bring the chops of a big city design firm to the hills of Vermont -- lucky us.