Earth Asset's founder, Shawn Smith, is the firm's managing broker.  She brings nearly two decades of experience to her clients, including participation in over $160 Million in real estate asset disposition, price defense, and marketing and sales projects, with nearly all transactions yielding record-setting prices.  Shawn has represented buyers and sellers, and knows the terrain of real estate transactions from both sides of a deal.

Buyers | Earth Asset finds and assesses the value of candidate properties, conducts extensive due diligence prior to formalizing an offer, recommends purchase strategies, and expertly negotiates on behalf of its clients.  We get clear about our clients' use, timing, investment, and financial goals, and then make sure candidiate properties meet those criteria.  For buyers interested in purchasing a lot of acreage but are intimidated by not necessarily knowing what to do with it, how to manage it, how to steward a large landscape, we can help.  Our 15 years of stewarding 1300 acre SHO Farm as an agroecological farm, using permaculture design, wildlife-assisted practices has provided invaluable, first-hand experience with the challenges and opportunities inherent in landscape-scale stewardship.  Our multi-disciplinary skillset has benefited our ownership tenure, and we want it to benefit our buyer-clients as well.  

We have curated a selection of properties for sale that Earth Asset has intimate knowledge about, but that are represented by other real estate firms or FSBO's (for sale by owner).  We included them on our website because they are excellent investment opportunities.  We welcome the chance to introduce qualified parties to these properties, and serve as your exclusive buyer representative.

Sellers | Earth Asset conducts thorough due diligence on its seller-clients' properties, defines and defends its value in a manner that sophisticated buyers will trust, positions it fairly and confidently on the market with high-quality supporting materials, including a contemporary online presence in step with emerging trends.  We put our skillset to work so that our seller-clients are in the driver's seat once their property hits the market.  We purposefully represent a limited number of seller-clients to ensure that our attention and marketing resources are focused and not over-extended.  Please contact us to learn more about how we work with sellers.