Earth Asset is our family's private wealth management and investment company.  Our mission is to help shape an integrated land, food and health economy through land and land-related business investments.  We believe this is the smartest and safest way to grow and preserve wealth, and to turn the tide of short-sighted economic development.  Through rigorous practice and a timely focus, we hope to inpsire other landowners and investors to follow suit.  

Our land investment practice combines two complementary approaches to landownership and stewardship, achieving an unusually comprehensive and deep perspective not typically found in today's professional marketplace. The first approach focuses on the many nuances of owning land as a central component of a wealth portfolio. It emphasizes expert due diligence, valuation analysis, tax and legal planning,  conservation planning, value-add management, and disposition strategies. The second approach involves designing and managing land for optimal ecosystem health, climate and economic resiliency, and regenerative biological and financial wealth. Marrying intelligent legal and financial planning with smart biological management, integrating emerging market possibilities, creative lease arrangements with growers and entrepreneurs, thoughtful contracts and conservation plans that protect the legacy of land and its stewardship -- this is what Earth Asset's vision is all about; dynamically safeguarding the future of our land and all the life it supports, in perpetuity.

Bespoke Land Investment Toolkit

To advance our mission, we are developing a comprehensive toolkit that enhances land's biological, financial, and enjoyment value while benefitting social and ecological systems.  This toolkit is rooted in three disciplines: (1) permaculture design science as practiced by Geoff Lawton; (2) advanced nutritional medicine as practiced by Dr. Joel Fuhrman; and (3) land planning, valuation, conservation, management and stewardship as practiced by Earth Asset.  There are countless global examples of permaculture design science, each inflected with individual practitioners' unique skills, personal goals, and geographical locations. This toolkit reflects the combined interests and expertise of Earth Asset's partners.  It is a bespoke soil, water, land, forest, field, and wildlife restoration and resiliency strategy that transforms landholdings into permanent working engines for perpetual yields and multi-fold benefits.  Not only does our growing toolkit offer solutions to the complex, interconnected challenges of food and water security, chronic disease escalation, health care cost increase, climate change effects, peak-oil implications, biodiversity and wildlife habitat loss, but also reflects optimism in its powers of community restoration, productive yields, and profound beauty.  We believe it is the foundation of successfully transitioning any landholding into a high-performance, dynamic asset. 

We invite those interested in stimulating innovation and creating an enduring legacy to learn more about our philosophy and projects, as well as private land investment opportunities. 

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