Earth Asset is our family's private, land-centric wealth management and investment company.  Our mission is to provide leadership in shaping a new, integrated land, food and health systems economy.  

We directly invest our intellectual and financial capital in land and land-based businesses for the purpose of growing biological capital and health-promoting yields for 4 primary reasons: 1) land is a finite, tangible asset; 2) climate stressors will continue to weaken conventional agricultural growing zones and practices, opening new frontiers of productive land  management in atypical places and on unconventional land types; 3) food is a global commodity that will forever be in demand; and 4) we are poised for agricultural and healthcare paradigm shifts for which a health-enhancing food system is foundational. 

SHo Permaculture

To advance our mission, we are developing a comprehensive toolkit that enhances land’s biological, financial, and enjoyment value while benefitting social and ecological systems.  We’ve coined this toolkit SHo (Smith-Hoffman) Permaculture, and rooted it in two disciplines: (1) permaculture; and (2) nutritional science.

SHo Permaculture is a bespoke land, food, water, wildlife, and soil-building restoration and resiliency strategy that transforms landholdings into permanent working engines for perpetual yields and multi-fold benefits.  Not only does SHo Permaculture offer solutions to the complex, interconnected challenges of food and water security, chronic disease escalation, health care cost increase, climate change effects, peak-oil implications, biodiversity loss, and wildlife habitat loss, but it inspires boundless optimism in its powers of community restoration, productive yields, and profound beauty.  We believe it is the foundation of successfully transitioning any landholding into a high-performance, dynamic asset.  

Through our own land and investment in SHo Permaculture, and specifically no-kill permaculture systems, we hope to inspire other investors and landowners to follow suit.  We invite those interested in stimulating innovation and creating an enduring legacy to learn more about our philosophy and projects, as well as private land investment opportunities. 


Smokeshire Valley Preserve VT
Teal Farm Center VT
Cathead Point MI
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Micronutrient-Rich Champagne Currants at Teal Farm
Smokeshire Valley Preserve VT
Teal Farm Center VT