Land-Based Wealth Advisor

Earth Asset works closely with people who love land to help them preserve and grow their wealth healthfully, consciously and passionately.

As significant landowners ourselves, we enjoy educating those wishing to experience the satisfaction of intelligently owning land, or those who are interested in diversifying their wealth portfolio with this alternative asset class.

While we can adeptly guide anyone into a new phase of property ownership, land-wealth planning, conservation, due diligence, or exit-strategy formulation, our passion is educating and advising clients about a development approach we call New Frontier Agriculture+, a comprehensive toolkit that enhances land’s biological, financial, and enjoyment value while benefitting social and ecological systems.

New Frontier Agriculture+ is a fully customizable land-restoration, food, water, wildlife, and soil-building development strategy that transforms landholdings into permanent working engines for true wealth security. Add other elements such as culturally-durable residential or commercial development, and land-derived emerging markets (superfoods) capitalization, and the ‘+’ can take many forms with multiple income stream potential. Not only does New Frontier Agriculture+ offer solutions to some of the most challenging issues we face — food and water security, climate change, escalation of chronic disease, environmental degradation, biodiversity loss, and wildlife extinction — it can inspire boundless optimism in its powers of restoration, productive yields, and profound beauty.

As a landowner or steward, sound financial planning coupled with your land management and use choices are the foundation of successfully transitioning any landholding into a high-performance, dynamic asset.  Landowners are key players in effecting needed global change. That is why Earth Asset specializes in working with clients interested in adopting New Frontier Agriculture+ principles on lands they already own, or on lands they seek to acquire.

We believe that wealth is most securely invested in land for the purpose of growing biological capital and health-promoting yields for 4 primary reasons: 1) land is a limited, tangible asset; 2) climate stressors will continue to weaken conventional agricultural growing zones, opening ‘new frontiers’ of productive land in atypical places and on unconventional land types; 3) food is a global commodity that will forever be in demand; and, 4) we are poised for a paradigm shift in health care for which a health-promoting food system is foundational.

With our holistic approach and multi-disciplinary skill set – law, land planning, conservation expertise, appraisal and brokerage – Earth Asset is able to uncover creative opportunities and potentially costly problems not usually visible to single-discipline professionals, guaranteeing our clients enduring and cost-effective results.

Earth Asset is a women-owned firm committed to making a difference in the world through its own land use decisions, as well as through its partnership with land-loving clients who want to effectuate profound systemic change and leave a lasting legacy.

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  • Earth Asset Founder

    Shawn M. Smith Shawn Smith Hoffman holds a JD and Master of Studies in Environmental Law from Vermont Law School, a Permaculture Design Certificate from Geoff Lawton's Permaculture Research Institute - Australia, is an expert in land conservation planning and valuation, and has spent 15 years advising high net worth clients about how to protect and grow their real estate portfolio. She is a licensed certified general appraiser and broker, and an accomplished negotiator. She is presently working to earn her Nutritional Education Trainer certification from Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Nutritional Education Institute.