The Landscape of Vermont Laws: Property Rights & Hunting Rights

A look at Vermont's legal framework governing property rights and hunting rights.

Duck Caretaker Positions At Sanctuary at SHO

Join Land Stewards, Preservationists & Duck Sanctuary Founders Shawn Smith & Melissa Hoffman at Sanctuary at SHO for an Experience of a Lifetime

Earth Asset Land Lab At SHO Farm

This is an insider's guide to the world of real estate, customized to address your questions and goals. Peer through the lens of an expert to ensure your land investment decisions are well-informed.

Internships At SHO Farm's Duck Sanctuary

Join Our Duck Sanctuary Team of Caretakers for an Immersion into Farm and Animal Sanctuary Life -- In-Residence & Off-Farm Internships Now Available for 2017 - 2018!

Vermont Seaberry Company at SHO Farm: Harvesting Insights with Mia Jung "The Seaberry Whisperer"

We at Vermont Seaberry Company, located at SHO Farm in Huntington, are thrilled to announce that our 2015 harvest season is underway.