Earth Asset’s Founder Is A Nutritarian

Do you suffer from a serious illness? Is your quality of life undermined by chronic pain? Are you always tired? Do you struggle to lose weight? Most importantly, do you wish you could change all of this? If so, my journey may be of interest to you.

The Farming Bug & Falling In Love With Your Land

In this New York Time’s article, fashion photographer, Fabio Chizzola, shares his new passion: a 32-acre apple orchard. Reminiscent of his childhood days back in Italy, the NYC resident is having a blast bringing back to life the old, abandoned apple orchard on the upstate farm he bought with his wife. Not only is the farm a labor of love for Mr. Chizzola and his family, but in unearthing a stash of old photography equipment he learned that a previous owner shared his passions: farming and photography. Mr. Chizzola says “I’m attached to the land”.

Understanding Your Property Tax

A property tax is an ad valorem (according to value) tax levy on the value of property. Most often, the value of the property used to calculate a property’s tax is its assessed value. Assessed values reflect a property’s combined land and improvement value.