Internships At SHO Farm's Duck Sanctuary

SHO Farm Duck Sanctuary Internships are available at our 1,300 acre wildlife preserve and duck sanctuary in Huntington, Vermont.

Successful candidates will join the sanctuary's team of caretakers who have been with the 100-plus duck flock since its arrival to the farm in August 2016.  Sharing in a love for animals, a drive to end their suffering, and a deep commitment to doing right by them in all manner of their care, the original team of caretakers has insights into the ducks' unique personalities, the behaviorial challenges of a mixed-sex, young (hormonal) flock, and the ever-evolving bank of knowledge that only comes with time. 

This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a beautiful working permaculture farm, wildlife preserve and animal sanctuary.  Our hope is that interns will, among other things, gain an appreciation for what it means to partner with smart, funny, individual creatures in the stewardship of a large working landscape where they are not commoditized, not exploited, but instead loved, respected and a great deal of effort is taken to ensure their safety, wellbeing and happiness.     

For more details about our internship opportunities and how to apply, click on the announcement below.

duck caretaker internship