The Foundation for a Sustainable Future is pleased to offer for sale a discrete and private portion of its 1,296± acre Vermont headquarters, SHO Farm. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit promoting land and biodiversity conservation, ecological innovation, and the evolution of consciousness. The Foundation is selling a portion of SHO Farm to raise funds for its rescue duck sanctuary and next wave of land-based work, including establishing a permanent wildlife preserve, researching agroecological-wild farming, and continuing its wild edibles project.

The Foundation prefers to retain ownership of as much acreage as possible to limit fragmentation of its intact conservation landscape. It also recognizes that more acreage may be desirable for some buyers. Therefore, the Foundation is offering two different configurations for a buyer to consider. Both offerings are enfolded by the Foundation’s retained 1,100± acres, and sit beneath Camel's Hump, one of the highest and wildest ridgelines in the Green Mountains.

Offering 1 - $4,250,000 | The Farmstead at SHO represents the Foundation’s first major project, an artfully-crafted, high-performance farmstead which includes buildings, renewable heat and electrical systems, and a 10 year old food system. The Farmstead includes 45± acres, the Farmhouse, Energy Barn, Studio Barn, and Caretaker's Residence, totaling 32,750± square feet of space, of which 25,000± square feet were recently ecologically-designed, renovated and built by Birdseye Building Co. A swimming pond, gardens, mature 8± acre permaculture-designed orchard comprised of diverse fruits, nuts, and perennial plantings, two streams, frontage along Brush Brook, total privacy, and unobstructed, protected views of Camel's Hump and the Green Mountain ridgeline complete the offering.

Offering 2 - $5,250,000 | The Farmstead plus 140± acres, for a total of 185± acres. The additional acreage features open fields and pastures adjacent to the entrance, a sugarbush, rich deer habitat, and a hidden brookside apple orchard.

For details about the buildings, renewable energy system, food system, and land use, see the brochure, videos and plans in the Collateral section below.

The Farmstead has not only served as the Foundation's headquarters, but home to our farm businesses, SHO Farm, LLC and Vermont Seaberry, LLC. It has been a gathering place for other non-profit leaders, including a week-long stay by Janine Benyus' organization the Biomimicry Institute, empowering people to create nature-inspired solutions for a healthy planet, Joy Anderson and her organization Criterion Institute, the leading think tank focusing on using finance as a tool for social change, whose leaders immersed themselves in a weekend retreat to update their strategic plan, and two Sisters from the Green Mountain Monastery, devoted to care of the Earth, who were here for a three week book-writing retreat.

Education is an important part of the Foundation's work, and it has been privileged to host authors and educators like Eric Toensmeier, award-winning author of many books including his newest book The Carbon Farming Solution: A Global Toolkit for Stabilizing the Climate with Tree Crops adn Regenerative Agriculture, a middle-school class from the state capitol of Montpelier, and on a regular basis the local elementary school children spend time on the farm as part of their outdoor education program. The Foundation hosted two screenings of PlantPure Nation, a documentary film about renowend nutritional scientist and bestselling author T. Colin Campbell, and the weight of scientific evidence that a whole foods plant-based diet can prevent and even reverse some of the most deadly health conditions of our time. The Farm has also served as a family gathering place, creating memories that will last a lifetime -- cooking meals together, eating in the great room around the fire and catching up, swimming, hiking, and heading into Burlington for a morning at the farmers' market. All guests, regardless of their focused work, share one thing -- immersion within a private, beautiful working landscape and wildlife preserve that inspires the mind and feeds the soul.

From the team at Birdseye, to the energy systems engineers, to Susan C. Morse - our wildlife biologist who is also a forester, one of the top wildlife trackers in North America, and founder of Keeping Track, to the many and varied guests, everyone agrees SHO Farm is a place like no other.

At its core, SHO Farm is a farm with over 200 species and over 2500 cultivated plants. Some of the more unique and favorite cultivated crops are seaberries, shizandra berries, cold-hardy kiwis, Siberian peashrub, and mushrooms - shiitake, oyster, lion's mane, and king stropharia. In 2013 we launched Vermont Seaberry, LLC to bring this amazing fruit to the Vermont marketplace. In 2015 we undertook a serious apple harvest and hard cider project, aging in wooden barrels and putting up 1200 bottles of sparkling cider. The farm is a research center for testing, among other things, unusual, cold-hardy crops, wildlife-assisted permaculture - or wild farming - strategies, and forest stewardship anchored in non-timber forest products, carbon sequestration, soil building, wildlife, and water management. A food lab evolved out of recognition that if new, emerging and otherwise untraditional wild and cultivated crops were to have any success the gap between growing and preparing/cooking/eating had to be closed. What grew out of the food lab was the SHO Food Experience, a day-long gastronomic event to taste and learn from food lab creator and self-taught vegan chef, Melissa Hoffman. In 2016 we became a duck sanctuary after rescuing 116 ducklings from going to slaughter after being used in a rice growing operation. The ducks are not only full of personality and a source of constant comedy, they are our farm partners and offer us the opportunity, the challenge, to demonstrate how to integrate traditional farm animals into a "no kill" food system.

Under our 15 years of conservation stewardship, the landscape has become a safe haven for our wildlife neighbors. We do not allow hunting, trapping or fishing anywhere on the property. Our mowing patterns, from the wild and wooly lawn around the Farmhouse, to our open fields and pasture, are cared for in a way that optimizes shelter and food for the wildlife while simultaneously enhances the health of our soils. The Foundation is the property owner, and together with SHO Farm, Sanctuary at SHO, and Vermont Seaberry, LLC, we have become a duck and wildlife sanctuary creating non-harming food systems that model a new relationship with animals.

We are looking for a buyer who shares our land stewardship ethic and practices, love and protection of animals, and embraces the opportunity to continue stewarding the landscape in a similar fashion to the Foundation.

*SHO Farm was previously called Teal Farm, you will notice reference to Teal Farm or Teal Farm Center on some of the materials.

**Foundation Director and Vice President, Shawn Smith, is also the managing broker of Earth Asset Partnership, LP, the seller's exclusive representative.




Offering 1 | $4,250,000 

Offering 2 | $5,250,000


Offering 1 | 45± acres 

Offering 2 | 185± acres

New England | Northeastern USA

Town of Huntington, Chittenden County, Northwestern Vermont

Latitude & Longitutde
Lat. 44° 17’ 36” N, Long. 72° 56’ 24” W
Access & Distances

Burlington International Airport (1 hr flight from Boston & NYC)


2.5 hrs to Montreal; 4 hrs to Boston; 6 hrs to NYC

Off town-maintained Camels Hump Road via a right-of-way through Foundation for a Sustainable Future's retained land, or private drive.
Built Environment


10,538-SF; c. 1865, 1969, 1989, 100%-ecologically designed & rebuilt by Birdseye 2008, 6-bedrooms & 1-full, 4-3/4, 2-1/2 baths

Energy Barn

14,661-SF; c. 2007 3-story heated timber frame barn constructed from salvaged Douglas fir beams ecologically-designed by Birdseye and built by Liberty Head Post & Beam

Studio Barn

2,814-SF c. 2001 hand-hewn post & beam frame barn that houses the food lab

Caretaker’s Residence

2,401-SF; c. 2001 2-bedrooms & 1-bath

4-Bay Garage-Utility Barn

2,336-SF; c. 1988 2-story equipment storage facility

Additional Building Potential using in-place infrastructure
Green Features
Renewable Electrical System with expansion potential
Renewable Heating System with expansion potential
Perennial Polyculture Food System with expansion potential
Durable, Multi-Functional, Artisan-Crafted Buildings
Food Production

10 year old permaculture-designed perennial fruit, nut, and fuel polyculture. Selection of crops: seaberries, shizandra berries, cold-hardy kiwi, plums, raspberries (black and red), aronia, pears, elderberries, blueberries, cherries, currants, wild & cultivated apples, mushrooms, asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes, horseradish, and hazelnuts.

Conservation Values

Property is enfolded within the Foundation's retained 1,100± acre conservation landscape which abuts Camel's Hump State Park; it is part of the greater Winooski and Camel's Hump Watersheds. Significant wildlife habitat: migratory bird stop-over, bear, moose, deer, fox, coyote, mink, otter, beaver, bobcat, fisher, weasel, turkey, rabbit, hawks, owls, hummingbirds, northern songbirds.

Recreational Attributes

Swimming, hiking, biking (mountain & road), running (trail & road), skiing (apline, backcountry & cross-country), sailing & kayaking (Lake Champlain), bird watching, star-gazing, and nature/wildlife photography.

Earth Asset Partnership, LP, and the listing broker, exclusively represent the Seller, not prospective buyers, in the marketing, negotiating and sale of the property, unless otherwise disclosed. The listing broker, nonetheless, has an ethical and legal obligation to prospective buyers to: disclose all material facts pertaining to the property known to the agent; be honest and not knowingly give false or misleading information; account for all money and property received from or on behalf of either party; and comply with all state and federal laws related to the practice of real estate. Offering is subject to errors, omissions, prior sale, change or withdrawal without notice, and approval of purchase by Seller. The information presented was secured from sources deemed to be reliable, but whose accuracy we cannot guarantee. Prospective buyers should verify all information to their satisfaction. Prospective buyers should also be aware that the photographs in this brochure may have been digitally enhanced.

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