Seaver Hill

“For the past almost 10 years I have counted on you for terrific counsel and advice. The appraisal and consulting work that you have done has been expertly delivered and proven to be very valuable. Your knowledge and passion for real estate consulting, brokerage and appraisal continues to impress me. Because I trust that you will do a good job I have referred several new clients to you, and you have served all of them very well. I look forward to working with you on another project soon!”

- Rob Sennott | Seaver Hill


  • Recent Testimonials

    • Smokeshire Valley Preserve

      “Shawn brings an unusual suite of skills and high level of professional qualifications in valuation, legal documentation, conservation and brokerage.” Read More.

    • Teal Farm

      “Quite frankly, there should be another professional category to describe what Shawn does, because ‘broker’ and ‘consultant’ don’t convey the breadth of her capabilities. I can’t recommend Shawn highly enough.” Read More.

    • Eaton’s Run

      “Throughout the nearly year-long process it took to complete our project, Shawn demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and integrity. She was easy and pleasant to work with, was always on time for meetings and always totally prepared, and delivered the project on time and on budget.” Read More.